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Beckett FoundationBlog Her Dog Rescued Her. Then Strangers Rescued Him.

Her Dog Rescued Her. Then Strangers Rescued Him.

From the hometown of the Beckett Foundation comes a very touching story that stems from a scary incident with a relieving ending: Sinclair Larson was struck by an SUV while walking her dog across a crosswalk in Chapel Hill NC on Nov 8, 2020. As onlookers and helpers gathered around her to help care for her while an ambulance was called, Jill and Scott Reid saw a very different way to help: her dog, Jasper, who several onlookers had said was dead, was laying injured but alive a distance away. Ironically, the Reids had just lost their own dog, Kabuki, a week prior.

We did it in remembrance of Kabuki”, they said. With no information about the owner of the dog, they were faces with making a $1,124 deposit on emergency treatment that would result in $4,677 of additional charges, but they accepted the responsibility and got the dog the life-saving treatment that it required. 1.

Read the full story here.

1It’s touching note that the deposit was refunded, and the remaining balance was forgiven upon seeing Sinclair’s reaction on reuniting with her dog.