Dwoggie Twalk

Jon, James, Rebecca and Doug talk about their loving and living with dogs, and we manage to fit in a little bit of cat talk while we’re at it.

Dogs in Christmas Movies

Join us as we chat with Rebecca and James about Christmas movies that involve dogs but are not explicitly ABOUT dogs!

Meeting Truffles in the Park

In this segment, Doug talks about finding Truffles in Prospect Park and the heartwarming efforts of a couple of other passers-by to help comfort her until he could bring her home, where she lived with his family for 15 years until passing away earlier this month.

A Little About Beckett

Doug and Jon chat about their dogs in two brief podcast segments. In this one, Jon talks a little about what it was like to meet and get to know Beckett through his now-wife, and shares a few stories about his adjustment to living with cats and some of the travels he took with us…